Online Video Finds Local Search

Local search and advertising options continue to explode. Ad options include keywords, category or heading buys, and now online video. So how should local business and national advertisers selling locally think about incorporating video and video search into their ad arsenals? Let’s take a look at the stats: The Kelsey Group’s User View study revealed […]

Local Search for National Brands

The year is 1996. The World Wide Web has everyone’s attention. Marketers start to explore how the Internet can reshape how they go to market. Models are explored, sales channels analyzed and the first implementations make their way to the Web. National brands that sell/deliver products through distributed sales organizations (dealers, franchisees, branches) develop dealer […]

Voice Search: Mobile Tactic Here. Now. 2DAY.

Mobile has long been called marketers’ next emerging opportunity. Nokia’s acquisition of Navteq (the mapping folks) is further proof that place-based media and mobile are about to heat up. With 249 million mobile subscribers in the US (eMarketer, August 2007) and 2.8 billion worldwide (Wireless Intelligence, Q1 2007), no doubt it will be big… some […]

Real World Trumps Online in Local Search

What leads people down the purchasing funnel remains one of life’s greatest mysteries. Marketers don’t always agree on whether online activity trumps offline or vice versa. To unravel at least part of the conundrum, my firm commissioned comScore networks to study local search and the impact of offline activity on consumer purchasing. Some key insights […]

This Just In, Google Recruits Local Sales Force

Before we continue our review of local search strategies and tactics, I would like to take a moment to comment on a new program by Google that I found interesting over the past week. Google Local Business Referrals Google is placing a high value on sourcing accurate local business information by making its first move […]

Getting Started in Local Search

Welcome to the local search column. We will be exploring strategies and tactics to uncover local lead sources and leverage sound online marketing practices, along with cost-effective ways to turn these leads into sales. Initially, we will deal with the basics of developing a reliable local search program, as it’s important to create a firm […]

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