User Ratings and Reviews: Join the Conversation

In “Local Search Lives or Dies by User Reviews,” we discussed how social media and ratings and reviews were beginning to meld with local. Consumer usage of ratings and reviews continues to grow (22 percent in 2007 to 24 percent this year), as well as their importance to everyday local business information (56 percent of […]

Offline and Online Conversions Tracking: Increase Your ROI

For quite a few years now, online marketing has been touted as one of the only advertising mediums that can truly track the consumer path, due to the digital trail that consumers leave when they finally find what they want. However, as far as big talk goes, online marketing is only as good as the […]

Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars

As the financial world imploded last week (my 401k is now a 200.5k), I sat in Florida at my company’s client summit listening to industry experts and national advertisers trading best practices and tactics for prospering in an increasingly complex local media world. The keynote presentation by Kevin Ryan, “Then, Now and Next,” shared an […]

Getting to Know Local SEO

Local SEO is a vital marketing strategy for any business trying to reach their consumer base. Local SEO is a must for businesses that sell products locally to a specified geographical area. With more consumers going online, the time has never been better to integrate local SEO. This wave of consumers searching locally will continue […]

6 Tips for Aligning Your National, Local SEM Efforts

The volume of local searches continues growing, which means national-level search advertisers must develop strategic plans for incorporating local search into their national search programs. The benefit: lower cost leads with higher conversation rates. However, achieving maximum benefit from the local campaign segments is a direct result of how the local search additions are executed. […]

The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

I began writing for Search Engine Watch last year about the benefits and tactics for unlocking the local search space. It’s more important than ever to research opportunities and adapt local search into your overall media mix. Local search is a vertical strategy with the rewards of lower leads cost with higher sales conversation. Today […]

Creative Messaging in a Direct Response World

I’ve just come off the road from numerous meetings with national and regional advertisers. One common area of interest among advertisers seems to be: how to best communicate to the online audience. Should a company focus on building their messaging around their brand image, or on driving direct response via their Web site and online […]

Winning the Local Search Battle – Part 2

This week we explore advertiser strategies for winning the local search battle. Let’s start with what is not local search. If your agency or internal marketing personnel state: “yeah don’t worry, we have local covered; we broad matched all your keywords, so we pick up anyone searching with geographic/local terms,” it’s time to get worried. […]

Winning the Local Search Battle

The local search marketplace continues to grow rapidly. Local is growing at a faster percentage rate than general search. Additionally, changes in search patterns show that consumers are becoming better and smarter searchers, moving from simple one- and two-keyword searches to more specific four- and five-keyword searches. Source: e-marketer The progression also shows important insights […]

Avoid the Pitfalls of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing today is at a similar point in its evolution as online advertising was at in the ’90s. While the promise of Web-based marketing was large in 1996, adoption was slow until Internet access became readily accessible and affordable. Remember the days of pay-per-minute plans for Internet access? I still have a few $400 […]

Leveraging Traditional Media Placements in an Online World

I read with interest the Wall Street Journal’s article this week, “More Gloom in Newspaper Ad Sales” – in the online edition, of course. Online media and Internet-based search continue to grow at the expense of their offline counterparts, newspapers and magazines. Because media placement options are continuously growing, smart local marketers need to leverage […]

Social Media Meets Local Search

Social network traffic continues to increase at a dramatic rate. To date, however, these sites have had a challenge in leveraging this traffic into revenue and ad platforms. Evidence of this can be seen in Facebook’s decision to hire Sheryl Sandberg to assist CEO, Mark Zuckerberg with expanding and monetizing Facebook’s growth. In past articles […]

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