Focusing Your Message from National to Local, Part 2

In ‘Focusing Your Message from National to Local, Part 1’ we determined focused messaging for both corporate and franchise outlets across a variety of interactive marketing solutions. We did this by coming up with a comprehensive strategic plan for the brand as a whole, and then developed a process and procedure that could be further […]

Focusing Your Message from National to Local, Part 1

How many times have we seen a major national brand’s keywords or advertising venues dominated by a single market sales outlet? Or a dealer or franchisee that can get to a spot faster than the marketing department can identify a potential new lead source? After speaking with a number of national advertisers that market locally […]

The Year of Mobile: Closer Than We Think?

Last month we reviewed some of the latest trends of the TMP Directional Marketing/comScore Annual Local Search Study. In a tongue-in-cheek manner, I pronounced “2010 Will be the Year of Mobile” and then quickly retracted the comment as humor. However, with Google’s recent announcement of acquiring mobile advertising provider AdMob, as well as a deeper […]

Consumers Head Online for Local Business Information

It’s time for the release of TMP Directional Marketing & comScore’s Annual Local Search Study results. Before we dive into the data, full disclosure: I preside over an interactive division at TMP. ComScore has administered the study each of the last three years with the purpose of identifying media trends and consumer behavior relative to […]

Local Search Changing with the Seasons

Ahhh. September is here. The season is once again changing, the economy is finally showing signs of returning from the brink of disaster, and there’s the continued emergence of local search in the air. But all of this actually ties together. Because of recent economic factors and recent broadband upgrades, local search has gotten the […]

Search Engine Wars, the Local Front

Wow, it’s been a busy month for news on the search and local search fronts; Microsoft Bing’s growth, Yahoo and Microsoft’s newly formed search partnership, and Google Caffeine to name a few. Hard to believe that almost three months have passed since the Bing launch, but as promised in “ Bing — Early Estimations in […]

Mobile Coupons Offer Multiple Benefits

Mobile advertising’s promise of one-on-one dialogues with millions of consumers, and its ability to influence purchase decision-making at the point of purchase has generated a lot of interest from major brands. It just hasn’t generated a lot of advertising dollars yet. And while mobile advertising’s “next big thing” status is sort of like the boy […]

Bing — Early Estimations in Local Search

Microsoft has a tough road ahead trying to win market share with its revamped search engine, Bing. It’s not good enough to be slightly better than Google or Yahoo to succeed in the search engine wars. As one of my clients, Naijia Huang, aptly put it last week, “You have to be so good and […]

Ranking in Local Listings

It’s been about a year since we tackled the topic of local listings. Local listings continue to present a challenge for advertisers looking to get their local entities (branches, franchises, etc.) accurately listed in sites such Google Maps and Internet Yellow Pages. Why are local listings important? It’s all about consumer usage. Survey question: What […]

Should Local Marketers Get Twitterpated?

As a student of local search marketing, I’m always looking for new emerging opportunities that have the potential to change the way sales and marketing happens for local merchants. For the longest time, I’ve watched Twitter from the sidelines and seen it go from enthusiast level to the more mainstream. With the recent public discussion […]

Improve Lead Conversions with Speed and Quality

Today’s economic environment forces all of us to do more with the same or less. This postulate should also extend into our lead generation programs for local search. The way to get more sales out of these investments is by increasing the conversion rate. Part of improving conversion rates deals with form and conversion optimization, […]

Integration in a Decentralized World

Today’s economic realities are forcing a new look at marketing integration. As advertising and promotion budgets undergo new levels of scrutiny, it’s vital for marketers to understand the overlaps of their various advertising campaigns and ensure they’re generating the maximum ROI possible for the company. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an organization of 20 or […]

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