Attract Local Searchers and Boost Search Results Rankings

You have probably heard the saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” (That is not actually the complete saying, but more on that later). The theory behind this saying became solidified for a short time earlier this month when Google was prompted to update its algorithm. The reason? found a loophole wherein […]

Google Places: Does Local SEO and Google Boost Make for a Local SEM?

How will local SEO change the SEM landscape? I think we would all agree that with over $27 billion in revenue, calling Google somewhat successful is a bit of an understatement. Interestingly, this mountain of sales is generated from a relatively small amount of advertisers – in the range of about 1.5 million to 2 […]

Local Laryngitis: Brands Need to Help Locations Develop a Voice in Social Media

National brands that market their products through local sales channels (e.g., dealers, franchisees, agents, etc.) are missing a big opportunity if they do not engage in social media. Research from the fourth wave of my firm’s Local Search Usage Study, conducted by comScore, shows that 69 percent of consumers are more likely to use a […]

Google’s AdWords Transparency Requirements – Come Into the Light

I have often stated that search marketing is so effective, even a mediocre search program performs very well in an advertiser’s eyes. This is often the case, because when comparing search marketing to more traditional forms of advertising, search many times provides the highest return on investment. It’s because of this fact that some advertisers, […]

Facebook – Places to Go and People to See

Often hinted and long awaited; Facebook rolled-out “Places” last week. Upon accessing this new feature, I was prompted with the message: “This feature will be available in your region soon. Thank you for your patience.” Unfortunately, patience is not one of the virtues that was instilled in me at birth, so I got on the […]

Google: Experimenting With Its Largest Opportunity – Local

Google has gone through changes that will force local advertisers to sink or swim. In the last couple of weeks, Google has been placing increasing importance on local business listings by experimenting with the placement of the 7-pack listings. In the example below, the map shows up on the right hand side of the page […]

Checking In on Foursquare Marketing Opportunities

Over the past several months, I’ve loaded up my iPhone and iPad with the latest location-based services applications to better understand how these services can help marketers further leverage the emerging local/social/mobile space. Today we’ll focus on the “check-in” space and, more specifically, Foursquare. For the folks unfamiliar with this genre, check-in apps are mobile […]

Moving at the Speed of Your Sales Channel

As online/digital marketing options skyrocket to near-epic numbers, national brands who market locally and local merchants alike are continually evolving their online/digital strategies to keep up with the growing number of options. Recent data from eMarketer shows that 42 percent of marketing executives are increasing their social media budgets for 2010, while 24 percent are […]

Is Google Becoming the New Ma Bell?

First off, some younger readers might not get the comparison. The colloquial term Ma Bell (“Mother Bell”) was used to refer to the conglomerate that held a complete monopoly over all telephone service in most areas of the United States. In effect, they were the utility that brought communication to U.S. consumers and businesses. Fast […]

Yelp’s Growing Pains

Increasingly, the face of local advertising is blurring among the various media types and channels. For example, is mobile local? Is social local? The answer is “yes” to both questions. While the Internet has shaped how consumers research purchase options, the vast majority of purchases are made offline locally. So, local is baked into just […]

How Maps Are Transforming Local Search

Recently, I was in the airport where I watched a 10-year-old boy show his dad how to access Google Maps for directions to their hotel. I had to laugh. But then I started pondering how local search and navigation have changed in just a few short years. When had I last used my atlas? It’s […]

Mobile: The Future of Location-Sensitive Advertising

Location, location, location. This longtime real estate adage rings truer today more than ever as a local business success criteria. Location-sensitive mobile advertising, however, has provided a few new wrinkles. As the movie Minority Report helped depict over seven years ago, media now targets your every move and is ready to serve you a promotion […]

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