“Alexa, Find me a long distance mover”

By Gregg Stewart
August 30, 2017

According to ComScore, by 2020, 50% of Search will come from voice. We here at 15miles have been experimenting with voice search since the roll-out of Siri (Apple’s voice assistant).  Back then the COO of a large staffing firm (one of our clients) received an iPhone from his wife for Christmas and when he searched “Staffing Firms” in his local geography, they were nowhere to be found. Nothing like a little motivation from the “C” suite.  One short week later we had positioned them for their top keywords by disaggregating the search queries and determining the underlying data sources and algorithms. In that case a few strategically inserted keywords in reviews on Yelp, helped fix the challenge.

It was sort of reminded me of my early days in SEO, when I could repeat a target keyword 50 or more times on a meta refreshed page and gain 1st position for virtually any search query.

Fast forward to today and now we have numerous providers: Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana utilizing differing algorithms and data sources.

alexa siri

A couple of quick best practices:

It is no longer about keywords, voice searchers use phrases that compound 3 to 4 keywords per query.

Think about using your content to answer questions:

Leverage directional content and optimize for “near me” queries:

And when all else fails, call an expert:

The answer to the headline question “Alexa, find me a long distance mover” is, Alexa cannot currently answer that request. But when you ask for a “Local” mover she suggests 4 local providers based on data pulled from Yelp. As always, get optimizing and conduct a number of designed experiments to unlock how voice search works for your company’s keywords.

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