Releases New Study on Best Times for Social Posting

By Gregg Stewart
May 10, 2012

One of the biggest challenges in executing an effective social campaign is cutting through the clutter and making your message stand out. You need a couple of factors working in your favor to gain the audience’s attention: a compelling message, and good timing. has released a new study that may help you with the timing aspect, as it suggests the best times to send out social messaging.

  • For Facebook, the most effective times are during 1-3 PM midweek (workers looking for a post-lunch distraction, perhaps?), and the worst times are past 8 pm and on weekends
  • Twitter follows a similar pattern, with Monday-Thursday 1-3 PM being the best opportunity to Tweet, and weekends and post-8 PM weekday tweeting less effective
  • Tumblr recommendations are also included, with the suggestion of posting from 7 PM-10 PM, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. That recommendation, plus the lack of suggestion against posting on weekends, definitely makes it stand out against Facebook and Twitter.
  • While Google+ was not included in’s study, Interbrand recently released data suggesting that 9 am was the peak time for engagement with G+ posts.

These are definitely helpful guidelines, but as always the best approach is to analyze your own data through your analytics platform of choice, and to know your audience (is there something about your audience makeup that may make them more prone to respond at one time of day over another?).

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