Local Innovation – What’s the Next Big Thing?

Chapter one of local was centered on business listings’ identity and ensuring that consumers seeking businesses could simply find them. Interestingly, this behavior is very similar to the early days of portal-based Internet search, where consumers used resources to “find” information, pricing, availability, etc. of items that they already knew about. This is fundamentally the […]

When Is a 4-Star Rating Better Than a 5-Star Rating?

The answer? “Almost always.” The reason is simple; consumers do not expect a business to be perfect. In fact, oftentimes consumers are skeptical of a business with one or two 5-star ratings versus a second merchant that has a well-developed amount of reviews (more than five) with varying scores. The key the consumer is looking […]

Facebook “Can’t Buy Me Love” – Now “Likes” on the Other Hand…

Three years ago in my article “SMB Social Analysis – Can Money Buy You Friends?,” I conducted a designed experiment to test the effectiveness of paying to expand a local businesses’ social community. I plopped down $197 for a promised 1,000 new Likes, which were supposed to materialize in 30 days. Well, let’s just say […]

2014 Local Marketing Checklist

It has been a few years since I put together a recommended Integrated Local Marketing Checklist. In fact, the last one I published was SMB Must-Haves 2011. Ironically, many of the same issues are still important to both SMBs and national brands seeking to market locally. However, the way with which I look at integration […]

Dear Santa: A Google Wishlist for Local Marketers

Dear Santa, Now I know it’s not even Thanksgiving and you’re really busy trying to fix Healthcare.org, to give the U.S. population an early Christmas gift. However, I would like you to consider this national advertisers’ short list of wishes for Local Search in the coming year. It’s about time Google unified platforms and invested […]

Will Recent Google Updates Help or Hurt Your Holiday Marketing Plans?

Having your local and mobile plans optimized this holiday season takes on even greater importance with a few of the shifts that Google has introduced into the search landscape. Enhanced Campaigns On July 22nd, Google rolled Enhanced Campaigns into their Adwords product. This may be greatly over simplifying, but basically, enhanced campaigns allowed Google to […]

Counting Offline Conversions from Online Advertising, Made Easy

Sorry, you have just fallen prey to “Article Link Bait”; there is no easy way at counting online advertising’s impact on offline conversions. Simply put, it’s hard work. Why is Getting Attribution So Important? I am always astounded when I talk to an e-business manager/director and they state, “We do not care how many sales […]

The Future of Local

With SES San Francisco right around the corner (September 10 to 13), I started thinking about the panel I will be speaking on, “The Future of Local Search: 5 Layers of Local.” All too often we get caught up reacting to the latest changes Google, Yahoo, and Bing throw at marketers as we race to […]

Where Will Google’s Local Carousel Go to Next?

In the past month, Google introduced a new way to present what has commonly been referred to as the “Local Pack” or “7 Pack” of local search results. This new presentation is called the Google Carousel. The carousel creates a row of images at the very top of local search results, making a very visually […]

Total U.S. PC Search Volume Down 6 Percent Year-Over-Year

Before you run to sell all your search engine stock, let’s put the headline in proper context. Yes, total U.S. “searches” on the PC dropped 6 percent year-over-year to 27.8 billion in December 2012, as reported by comScore in the 15miles/Localeze Local Search Study. However, there was a 26 percent increase in mobile “searchers” reported […]

Are We Seeing the Resurgence of Internet Yellow Pages?

Almost a year ago to the day (May 29, 2012), I wrote a column related to Google’s Penguin (1.0) update and its impact on local search sites, Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) specifically. So I thought that with the announcement and implementation of Google Penguin 2.0, it would be interesting to revisit how the first algorithm […]

Building the Optimal Local Online Media Plan

Just like building an efficient national online media plan, leveraging data about how consumers source information for your specific category can be the difference between a media plan that is somewhat effective, and one that is finely honed, generates a desirable cost-per-action, and has low waste. All Local Media Is Not Created Equal All too […]

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