Are We Seeing the Resurgence of Internet Yellow Pages?

Almost a year ago to the day (May 29, 2012), I wrote a column related to Google’s Penguin (1.0) update and its impact on local search sites, Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) specifically. So I thought that with the announcement and implementation of Google Penguin 2.0, it would be interesting to revisit how the first algorithm […]

Building the Optimal Local Online Media Plan

Just like building an efficient national online media plan, leveraging data about how consumers source information for your specific category can be the difference between a media plan that is somewhat effective, and one that is finely honed, generates a desirable cost-per-action, and has low waste. All Local Media Is Not Created Equal All too […]

Optimizing Local Search Campaigns

It’s that time of year again – we just released the sixth annual 15miles/Neustar-Localeze Local Search Study conducted by comScore at SES New York. Over the years we have collected a treasure chest of information and insight into how consumers search, shop, and find businesses locally, whether they are big box/brand stores or the local […]

Google+ Local Listings Unveils Layout Update

We awoke today to an updated local listings layout from Google Upon first reaching a local page, the layout looks pretty similar, with the exception of a new panel at the top of the page featuring an image and business NAP (name, address, phone number) info. But if you scroll up, you’ll get a large […]

Ratings and Reviews – Your Largest Local Opportunity, Missed

Whether you’re in the market for a new car, a lawyer, a good meal, or a new pair of shoes, you may ask a friend or, if you’re like most people, you’ll head online to do some research. Ninety-three percent of all buyers, online or in-store, use search engines these days, according to comScore. But […]

3 Reasons Yahoo’s Cost-Per-Lead Ad Unit May Change Search in 2013

Yahoo is rolling out an interesting new ad unit, as seen in this SearchEngineLand article. The ad unit is being sold on a cost-per-lead basis, which sounds awesome. What doesn’t sound awesome is that it resides below your branded organic result. While I always recommend a client hedge their bets by purchasing paid advertising in […]

Local Promotions – Connecting Online/Mobile Search to Offline Conversion

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Recently we have reviewed tactics to help your business or brand stick out in a truly crowded market. Let’s face it: few media types stack competitors side-by-side like search and local search. Therefore you need tactics to leverage any potential difference that gets you the click, call, and sale. […]

A Letter to Google’s Local Team: Can You Give a Brand a Break?

Dear Google Local Team: I have been kicking around the local search business for over 20 years now, 17 of them on the digital side. Each month I meet with brands and help them navigate the options for promoting themselves and their retailers via local and mobile online options. In speaking with national brands, there […]

Google Makes an ‘Excellent’ Move by Abandoning 30 Point Scale

A few months back, Google decided to use its acquisition of Zagat data to incorporate a 30 point rating system into its Google+ Local listings. The problem, as a wise man pointed out, was that a 30 point scale isn’t really all that meaningful to most consumers. After all, what’s the real difference between a […]

If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, a Good Story’s Worth a Million Pictures

What is your story? I’m always on the lookout for tips and techniques that help improve my clients’ digital effectiveness. Because my firm specializes in “local,” we work tirelessly to uncover tactics and techniques to improve the position of local listings; better and more efficient bidding models for localized PPC media, and any approach to […]

Google Algorithm Changes Benefit Directory Sites at the Expense of Local Businesses

Back in May, as part of a number of designed experiments related to local search, we observed a big shift in the Google search results for a number of local service and retail queries. I documented some of the observations in May’s column: “Was the Penguin Update in Fact the Honey Badger Update?“ I hypothesized […]

Google Local Search A Giant Step Backward

Back in May we observed a big shift in the Google search results for a host of local service and retail queries. I documented some of the observations in my local search expert (designed experiment on links) column on Clickz entitled “Was the Penguin Update in Fact the Honey Badger Update?”. In effect Google’s Penguin […]

Google Ratings and Reviews – A Perfect 30?

Well I guess Google felt like it needed to leverage its purchase of Zagat last year by changing the way it captures and displays ratings and reviews. Basically Google has adopted a new 30-point rating scale for all businesses, not just restaurants, which have been Zagat’s sweet spot. Gone is the standard “5 Star” rating […]

Tablet – Big Mobile or Small Desktop Device?

The explosion of tablets provides an opportunity for marketers to target a whole new segment of users. According to a new study conducted by Online Publishers Association (OPA) and Frank N. Magid Associates, tablet adoption has reached 31 percent and is projected to be 47 percent by 2013. Today that represents a user base of […]

Was the Penguin Update in Fact the Honey Badger Update?

The industry is abuzz once again with the now commonplace Google algorithm changes. If my inbox is any indication, carpetbaggers (shady opportunists) claiming to return web page ranking to sites that were penalized in the recent algorithm shifts are flooding the market. While I could spend hours discussing how having high-quality fresh content, “real” natural […]

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