BtoC = One to Many Communication…BtoB = One to One or a Very Few

By Gregg Stewart
July 18, 2017

Many BtoB marketers get frustrated after hiring Digital Marketing Firms, because those firms try to employ BtoC marketing tactics to BtoB ┬áselling situations. For example, one BtoC tactic is “head term” ranking or concentrating optimization efforts of highly searched and trafficked keywords. This make sense when your product is lower in price and the marketing strategies rely on the “law of big numbers”. But to a BtoB marketer, page one ranking for a very detailed “long tail” keyword can represent a huge sales lead generation advantage over a competitor .

Case and Point – We work with BtoB client that is a specialist in cleaning large data centers and clean room environments. Their old efforts focused on highly searched head terms like “cleaning services”, “janitorial services” which are terms with higher traffic, but their specialty audience is only a small fraction of the users searching those terms. We refocused on highly specific phrases and keywords, and traffic to their web site boomed. This month’s Google organic traffic is up 84% over last year.

I think everyone would be happy to get multiple positions on Google for highly relevant terms verses “vanity terms”.

The net impact: more relevant business leads through hyper targeting of highly long tail keywords.

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