Google Enters into the Movers Lead Business

By Gregg Stewart
September 17, 2018

Google is expanding a test program to additional markets, offering telephone leads that you pay for on a cost per lead basis.

Initially the program was available in 5 test markets, but over the past two weeks we have seen the program offering expanded to most major markets.

“Local Services ads” help businesses connect with people who search on Google for household services ranging from Appliance Repair to Window Cleaners and yes; they now offer it to Movers.

Ads appear at the very top of Google search results:


We quickly researched 5 top markets and found lead costs ranging from $30-$50 per phone call.

Lead categories available:

In-state move
Junk removal
Local move
Out-of-state move
Oversized item move
Packing / unpacking
Senior move
Vehicle transport

Geographic targeting is available by zip code within a given market area. Ad position appears to be determined by quantity and quality of star rankings of Google My Business profiles.

Part of the program is a new feature called “Google Guaranteed”. Under this program Google will guarantee consumer satisfaction of the mover selected from their list, up to $2,000 (all claims all categories/merchants).

Participating firms must provide their COI (Certificate of Insurance) and undergo a Pinkerton background check.

Our take here at 15miles; Google is expanding their revenue with local merchants by delving into an area that companies like Home Advisor, Thumbtack & Yelp have profited from. Given the fact that consumers trust the Google brand, we believe users will embrace the “Google Guarantee”. Given the costs, we suggest testing the product for “Out-of-state moves” as these leads are most likely to provide a positive revenue/margin return vs. local moves and some of the other categories.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance :

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