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Landing Page Design Services That Make You Money

With catchy headlines, keyword-rich content, and stunning designs, 15 Miles creates landing pages that convert prospects into customers.

“ Companies with 40 + landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less” – Hubspot

When potential customers visit your site– whether it be via social media, organic search, or paid ads–they are still just that: potential customers. Your job now is to lead them further down the sales funnel, turning leads into prospects, and ultimately, turning prospects into paying customers.

That’s where landing pages come in. Leads that click on links to your site are already in the mood to buy. They are looking for what you’re selling; you just need seal the deal.

15 Miles’ landing page design services are your greatest weapon in the battle for the hard-earned dollars of consumers on the web. We combine stunningly-beautiful, smooth-functioning web design with targeted web copy and much more to help gently nudge your visitors toward the proverbial cash register.

A properly optimized landing page will help your organic rankings and lead to more sales, the problem is that companies only spend about 1% of all advertising revenue on actually converting customers. Spending a lot of money to bring visitors in only to give up on turning them into customers is a waste.

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Landing Pages! Awesome! What are they?

Landing pages is an industry term for the first page that a customer sees when finding their way to your website via different channels on the web– social media, organic search, or paid ads for example. When designed the right way and filled with the right information, more prospects end up continuing down the sales funnel and become paying customers.

Imagine searching for a product or service, getting a million results, and clicking on a link that catches your eye only to be taken to a page that’s just a wall of text talking about dozens of different things, none of which you are interested in.

If you’re like the majority of visitors, you’ll bounce. Landing page design services that optimize the places that your customers land on when first visiting drastically improve conversion rates and sales. Simply put: good landing pages make your company more money.

Correctly targeted landing pages increase leads, prospects, and conversions. Which means they increase profit.

15 Miles landing page design services: our magic conversion potion

We don’t design based on what we think looks nice or appeals to our clients; we build landing pages that work. Whether it’s through industry research, demographic studies, industry trends, A/B split testing, or a number of other methods, we have arrived at a formula that works like magic. A few of the key ingredients to our secret conversion potion are:

Get a design team that goes the extra mile!

15 Miles landing page design services are done by a team with in-depth knowledge of the industry. We don’t use templates. We don’t copy from others. We don’t give you cookie-cutter products. Not ever. That’s just not our style. The team working for you will make sure that your pages:

We will work with you each step of the way to ensure that we know each detail of your product, service, and business, and what makes you and your visitors unique.

You’ve worked hard to increase your visibility and get leads to click through to your website. Now you’ve got to turn those prospects into customers. The way to do it is by offering them a custom-made, conversion-optimized landing page with beautiful design and great web copy aimed at getting them to bottom of the sales funnel. 15 Miles’ landing page design services will provide you a finished product that will attract more leads, convert them to customers and make you more money.

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