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Smartphones are now the primary mode through which customers find information about businesses. Mobile searches have overtaken desktop by a good margin, and that gap continues to grow. The number of smartphone owners is set to surpass 2 BILLION soon. Do you want the chance to put your name in front of local customers searching on the go? That’s what local mobile marketing services can do for you!

It’s hard to even believe sometimes, but the reality of the world we live in is that consumers now have the ability to shop for whatever they want at any time right from a little device in their pockets. The whole world is literally at their fingertips. And they are taking advantage of it. 80% of consumers use smartphones to shop. Let that sink in for a moment.

In order to optimize your marketing presence on the web, you need mobile SEO services that help you achieve results. 15 Miles is a cutting edge SEO company offering local mobile search marketing services to companies looking to increase their visibility, offer a better customer user experience, drive more leads, and make more money. The power of mobile marketing cannot be denied. Just let yourself marinate in some of these delicious mobile statistics for a minute:

And that’s just the beginning. Mobile website SEO services are the key to unlocking this powerful avenue for advertising and sales, and with the right mix of web design, web content, social media presence, and reputation management, you can start making sales to customers no matter where they might be planting their feet. The majority of consumers are on the move and looking to buy on their phones and tablets. Are you there waiting for them?

Grow your audience and your profit right now!

“If you aren’t able to reach your audience through mobile search….you will miss out compared to competitors” -Smartinsights.com

Consumer mobile trends are skyrocketing!

The statistics have spoken and the verdict is: consumers spend far more of their time on mobile(51%) than desktop(42%), according to major research. We are way past the tipping point.

That guy walking down the road not paying attention to what’s in front of him. That girl scrolling down the screen on the bus ride to work. The couple ignoring each other on a date while browsing through mobile web sites. Chances are they’re looking for products and services.

“Mobile users that find your business have a conversion rate three times higher than those who find you via desktops or laptops” – convinceandconvert.com

Are you mobile-friendly?

Google is out to provide the best experience for consumers using its search engine, and for that we thank them. The problem is that it’s made it hard on companies that aren’t quite within the guidelines. The amount of chaos that took over the online shopping world when the company announced its “mobilegeddon”(mobile + armageddon) update was enough to send the whole industry into a tailspin. Google has made its stance clear. You are either mobile-friendly or mobile-foe.

“Users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results optimized for their devices” -Google.com

Google noticed the trend toward mobile searches, and decided to redesign its entire algorithm to fit it. This has only increased the importance of mobile SEO services.

Mobile website SEO services that WORK

As a business on the web, it’s your goal to provide the best user experience possible for your mobile customers. The better experience you offer the more chance that a visitor becomes a customer. Period. Being optimized for mobile is an incredible opportunity for businesses, especially as the number of smartphone users plugged into the web increases. Here’s what 15 Miles local mobile marketing services will bring to your company:

Want to learn more about our custom mobile website SEO services?

15 Miles will customize any SEO package in order to provide you the optimal local mobile marketing services. Each organization’s needs are unique, and any campaign needs to be data-focused and backed by real, actionable analytics that show the true nature of customer behavior.

Mobile marketing is only continuing to grow in importance as more and more consumers switch to their smartphones and tablets to make purchasing decisions. With mobile SEO services from us, you can rest assured that potential customers will find you first when they’re in the mood to buy.

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