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Local Search Marketing Services: helping locals find local businesses

The vast majority of users search for local products and services online, and 82% of searches lead to offline follow ups. Our local search marketing services make sure that locals can find you when they want to buy.

Local businesses are the backbone of our country. Locally-owned companies not only give life to communities, they also offer a level of friendly and personalized service that can’t be rivaled by any major corporation or conglomerate. Recent years have seen a trend toward consumers moving away from big business, and turning to local providers to get the things they need. And they are using the internet to find them.

Studies show that 74% of consumers perform local searches. Not only do they perform these searches, they take action. Take this to heart:

Contrary to popular belief, consumers are actually using the internet to learn about their local community and find products and services more than any other medium. If you’re a business that relies on the local population for customers, then a local search engine optimization company is the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable way of growing your business and making more money.

15 Miles is a local search engine marketing company in Connecticut that knows what it takes to succeed in this market.

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Can the local population find you online?

There are 2.6 billion locally-focused searches on mobile and desktop conducted each month, but if you don’t have a local web presence, then none of those hungry consumers will be able to find you. 15 Miles local search marketing services will help make it so that when people Google products and services in their own locale, your name will be there front and center. 78% of mobile users and 59% of desktop users who search for local companies end up making a purchase, yet still the majority of companies don’t focus on building their local SEO.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Full-service local SEO

Google has smartened up over the years. Dominating the rankings isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be; in fact, if you went back 10 years and tried to talk about SEO with the inhabitants of that strange time, you probably would be speaking a different language and they wouldn’t be able to understand you!

SEO is far more of an art now than a science. The business has completely changed. High rankings on Google are now a byproduct of great service, customer targeting, great web copy, social media focus, and a range of other factors rather than a direct goal that one can tackle with a few simple steps. That’s why we call ourselves a full-service local search engine optimization company. 15 Miles takes a holistic approach to improving your rankings, but we don’t stop there. We want you to rank high, draw in visitors, convert them to customers, and make sure they stay loyal to you and tell their friends!

Local SEO that works

Getting great results in the local area takes local understanding. It takes knowledge of what people are looking for in the town and surrounding area and what drives them to buy. As your local search marketing company, we will provide:

What makes local local?

Local SEO has a lot in common with its bigger, more wide-reaching brother, general search engine optimization. The exception is that we are targeting a specific geographic area with different needs. Local consumers are looking for different services, and want to know that the people helping them actually know their stuff. They want to see the right words, they want to be able to find you on maps, and they want to be able to come to your store immediately. Our local search marketing services will ensure that all of your customers on desktop and mobile can find you either when they are at home or on the go.

Looking for a local search engine optimization company? 15 Miles is one of Connecticut’s and the New York Area’s leading local marketing companies, and with our local search marketing services and website optimization, you can be sure that all local people can find your services.

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