UniGroup Movers – Now Is The Perfect Time To Ensure 2018 Success

By Gregg Stewart
January 22, 2018

It is a pretty predictable pattern.  Late Spring/Summer, you are at capacity and turning away local, small COD leads in favor of large gigs or leveraging contractor relationships to maximize revenue.  But in January, February & March you are scrambling to uncover leads to keep crews busy at the same time as trying to minimize cash-flow expenses to survive to the next busy season.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome. The days of Yellow Pages’ cheap sustaining leads has come and gone and now. It seems like you have to work twice as hard to stay even to last year’s numbers.

As it turns out January into February are great month’s to undertake changes that will impact your April, May and June lead flow and position you for better lead activity in the fall after the busy season.  Additionally, action taken now even help you in the busy season, because if you improve your targeting, your firm may receive higher revenue generating leads (e.g., international, office/commercial) year round.

Many of our more successful clients tap advertising and marketing channels like Google Adwords, Lead Generation sites like Movers.com and take a hard look at their on-line/mobile assets (e.g., website, ad programs, SEO, Content and Social Marketing Programs, etc.).   But keep in mind, all of your competition are doing likewise so the economics of those leads may not work to your favor.  In many cases, longer term planning and action are your best tactic. SEO and Content Marketing initiatives take time to develop, but once they hit their stride, they pay on-going dividends so long as you continually keep them up-to-date.

We can help

At 15miles, we have been very blessed to be able to work with some of the best UniGroup Agents to help them achieve success and we are proud that our effort contributes to a number of awards for our clients, including Presidents Club.  But even more important than awards, they now enjoy increasing and sustainable lead flow when compared to prior years. We are a small firm of Digital Marketing Veterans that have worked with UniGroup and Agents for over 10 years in a high touch consultative practice and where all work is done here in the US (not off-shored).

All too often, we get calls in September (the first sign of lead flow declines) by Agents that need leads immediately, as they have failed to anticipate the shoulder and slow seasons.  We would like to break the cycle and begin work now so we can have the best impact on a successful 2018.  Give our President Gregg Stewart a call at 203.408.0123 if you would like a consultation on your existing efforts and ideas for improvement.

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