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SEO For Multiple Locations

Any successful business is going to look to expand their reach. Doing so means performing SEO for multiple locations, oftentimes in different cities. 15 Miles’ SEO services will optimize each location independently while still helping them feed off of each other.

There isn’t a business around that doesn’t want to have the problem of too many locations. It’s not a bad problem to have. The real issue is that having multiple locations in different cities often creates search engine optimization issues that aren’t present when you have only one location or if you’re totally digital. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

15 Miles is an expert in multiple locations SEO, so that means whether you are opening up your first branch in Tokyo or just expanding across town into the local shopping mall, we’ve got the tools and talent to make sure your locations are all independently optimized and don’t bump heads, but still help your overall organic rankings.

Companies who have several physical stores often run into the issues of differing demographics, disparities in income, differing keyword traffic, and totally different keyword clusters. Sure, your services and brand might still be the same, but the people buying them are completely different.

Ranking in the local pack is a different beast than ranking in the national organic rankings, meaning your SEO company needs to take a different approach, one that is centered on the needs and tendencies of the local population.

15 Miles performs SEO for multiple locations so that your whole company is optimized no matter where you are.

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The challenge of multiple locations

It’s hard enough managing one store, let alone dozens. It’s even harder when an all-powerful search engine is looming over you making sure that you don’t make any mistakes. Google has a strict set of guidelines that it wants companies to follow in terms of websites, and managing that across multiple location is something that a lot of companies struggle with. A few of which are:

These issues are just a few of the major problems that companies who have several different physical places encounter. SEO for multiple locations can help do away with these issues, freeing up time and helping you make more money.

Multiple-locations SEO? What’s in it for me?

As we said before, ranking in the local results is a different game altogether from normal SEO. It takes a different approach to customer service, analytics, keyword targeting, and content. And that’s just the beginning. The problems are only compounded when you are in several different places at once.

When you use 15 Miles for your local search engine optimization efforts, you get a mix of great customer service and expert knowledge. You can expect us to:

With 15 Miles SEO for multiple locations services, your customers will be able to find no matter where you are.

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