Social Media For Service Based Businesses (Movers, Home Services, etc)

By Gregg Stewart
February 15, 2018

A question that is posed to me often by service businesses is: ” How often and on which platforms should I do Social Media?”

Most Service Based Businesses represent an event in their customers’ lives.  The consumer has a specific need, they seek assistance to purchase/fix the need and then they move on in their lives.

As a result, it is important to understand this fact in developing a Social Media Strategy. For most Plumbers, Movers, etc., it is unlikely that their customers will seek to engage with them on a long-term basis by liking your social profiles and following your posts beyond their purchase research time window.  That does not mean Social Media is unimportant, but posting multiple times a week or even a month may not be the best use of marketing resources and money.

Instead, think of social media profiles and posts as an “anchoring point”. A place where customers go to review:

  • Company information including years in business,
  • Samples of work performed,
  • The people in the company,
  • What others are saying about you; ratings & reviews.

Probably most important are your individual customer interactions, and yes, how you handle less than satisfied customers. Always keep this in-mind when responding to a customer. Your posts last forever and are on display for future consumers when making their purchase decision.

It makes sense to develop a simple plan with goals, here is an example:

  1. Provide customer and prospects with access and insight into your company brand.
  2. Support lead generation activities (Search, Advertising, E-mail, etc.) by providing a firm foundational ‘anchor point’ where prospects can learn more about your company, how you treat your customers and what differentiates your company.
  3. Engage with customers and prospects during all stages of customer relationship:
    • Pre-sale, Sale, Service, Post Service (think referral)

From a simple plan, you should be able to develop tactics to execute on Social Media without over-doing it.

In summary, Social Media helps consumers in the awareness and consideration stages of the purchaser path to purchase. When Social Media is combined with other awareness media and coupled with the directional media types that drive leads at the moment of purchase decision, service based businesses can experience maximized lead flow at the most cost efficient levels.

At 15miles, we look at Social Media as part of an integrated strategy not a standalone effort. By understanding it’s purpose in the larger content of it’s contributions to lead generation and business building. As always, we are available to help you review your specific needs and develop a plan of action. I am available at should you have a need.

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