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Web surfers are a notoriously shallow bunch. If your site doesn’t look good and function well, they’ll find one that does. Web design is about far more than just looking good, though. Great website design and development services are the key to good branding, good SEO, higher sales, and ultimately to business success. 15 Miles provides cross-platform, SEO-optimized, aesthetically-pleasing websites that improve conversion rates and make you more money.

Your website is more than just a portal that people come through. It’s more than just a billboard for your products and services. It is like your business’ home on the web. It’s your HQ, your offices, and your facilities all wrapped into one. Having a great website is about far more than just making a good impression, though. It’s the be all end all. Without a good website, SEO campaigns, PPC, conversion optimization, and internet marketing in general are all for naught.

The problem is that most companies don’t understand just how important web design is to success. Consumers are smarter and more web-savvy than ever before, and their options are nearly unlimited. That means you need smart web design & development services to even compete.

“39% of consumers will stop engaging with a website that takes too long to load”

“38% of consumers will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive”

Not having good web design automatically excludes you from doing business with a large chunk of potential customers, and the negatives it brings in terms of SEO and branding only makes the taste of the drink more bitter.

15 Miles will provide website design & development services for you that increase consumer trust in you, make a great first impression, lay out the proper information, and optimize your conversion rates. From there, the website will help round out your SEO campaign and provide valuable branding support on top of that. How can your company claim to be an industry leader if its website doesn’t work properly?

Web Design for SEO

“DESIGN, UX, and on-site optimization all play a substantial role in how your website does with search engines”

Google has gotten a lot smarter as it’s grown older(like most of us!). It now understands a whole lot more about what users are looking for than it used to. Sure, keywords play an important role still, and web copy comes in big time for converting customers, but one big factor that is often missed is your web design. Web design and UX play heavily into SEO. We will design you a website that plays to your strengths, and is based off of the latest industry knowledge as to how great design affects rankings.

Google gauge’s not just your message but also your value

When determining if you should be a high result for a search or not, Google tries to understand the message you’re sending customers. For example, if you are selling flowers and your web content reflects that, that in turn sends a message that you’re a good result for Google queries of that nature. But the search engine giant doesn’t just stop there. They also try to convey your value to customers. They do that by combining two very important metrics together:

Great web design & development services will ensure that users are given the best UX possible and won’t want to leave your site, which in turn helps Google rank you higher on search engines.

Web design that builds trust

According to study linked to in Forbes Magazine, when asked as to why they left a website 94% cited issues with trust of web design elements. If you’re site doesn’t convey your message properly, or worse, scares customers away, then you are digging yourself deeper into the hole with each passing sales lead. Our goal is to design a site that not only appeals to customers, but also proudly displays the right information in the right places. We will combine our extensive experience in the industry with our understanding of data to craft a site that is focused on bringing customers in, keeping them on the page, and getting them to convert. Website design and development services should be a tool for promoting your company and aiding in search engine rankings, not just a stationary page for advertising.

Consumer-focused website design & development services

A great UX is centered around an engaging and beautiful website. 66% of consumers would rather read something that has beautiful design than something that is plain. It’s about giving the people what they want to see, not what necessarily looks the prettiest. Our services center around:

If you’re looking for great website design & development services, then 15 Miles has just what you’re looking for. Our stunning websites will attract visitors and turn them into customers. We can build and implement a website that’s compatible on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, that’s SEO-optimized and fully-functional, and will increase conversion rates and brand trust.

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